The current collective agreement expires on September 21. As I said to the minister and the Prime Minister, I am not your local president every day…… and by the way, they`re not your everyday curators. When I became the president of this great local, I made politics that our members had to come first…. not political Monday, December 21 – 9:00 Drive-Thru on the local parking lot In the latest national tariff update published online Unifor said “FCA continued to challenge the union on key elements of the model agreement, including items regarding wages, packages, and health care. “We are committed to reaching an agreement that will allow us to continue to invest in our future and create opportunities for our employees, their families and the communities in which we live and work,” Gosselin wrote. The union is trying to get the same model of agreement with FCA that it has entered into with Ford. Minister McNaughton did not hesitate to assure me that the funding would be there, and here it is today. Unifor said Monday that members of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ford Motor Company and General Motors have authorized their bargaining committees to take strike action if necessary to secure fair contracts. “But if the ACF continues to roll back the model and refuses to honour concrete investment commitments, the likelihood of action for employment increases.” Please enter the NORTH side of our uni444 car park on Mowhawk Street. This week began with an article in Unifor Local 444 that said that the discussions were “not quite where we should be.” – Attention to all members of Point Edward and Sarnia and Chatham – This announcement of provincial funding for the Action Centre today is the result of this policy. . Our commissions (environment, community service) are alive and good….. By zoom.

I would like to personally thank the minister for keeping his promise.…/444_NEWS_dec2020.pd… Negotiations for the Point Edward and Chatham casinos were again postponed due to COVID restrictions 😡. Check out our Pension Center Spread and Shift 3 watch the collage of images! It`s great to be a partner at Windsor Unemployment Assistance Centre Inc. To help our members. #uni444prez new appointments are “set” for the week of January 25 and, if necessary, the week of February 22. A few hours before a midnight strike, Unifor`s bargaining committee reported “small progress.” The bump is scheduled to start on Monday, December 14. January 4 for Chatham, but due to Covid 19 restrictions, the process will be carried out by phone instead of staff.