A cost-plus contract stipulates that a customer agrees to reimburse a construction company for construction costs such as work, equipment and other costs, in addition to an additional payment, usually indicated as a percentage of the total contract price. Your construction contract should contain identification and/or contact information for both the contractor and the customer. Regardless of the type of construction contract you choose for your project, there are a few key elements that you need to include in your agreement, including: a construction contract defines the details and expectations of a project to ensure that everyone agrees before construction begins. Another maxim of legal construction is expressio unius is exclusio alterius. Roughly translated, this sentence means that everything that is omitted is understood as excluded. Therefore, where a law provides a specific sanction for non-compliance, other sanctions are excluded and cannot be applied (Sprague v. State, 590 p.2d 410 [Alaska 1979]). The maxim is based on the argument that Parliament, if it intended to consider a specific remedy or allowance, would have expressly done so; if Parliament has not provided for such an allowance or such an event, it should be considered that this is not the case. The Maxim has broad application and has been used by the courts to interpret constitutions, treaties, wills and treaties as well as statutes. Yet expressio unius is exclusio alterius has its limits.

The courts have held that the maxim should not be taken into account in cases where a broader interpretation of a statute yields positive results or serves the purpose for which the statute was adopted. But why are contracts so important? What are these guys? And what should you include in your construction contract? Here you`ll find everything you need to know before you start your next construction project. In costs plus percentage, the owner pays more than 100 percent of the documented costs, which usually requires a detailed billing of costs. [15] In this type of contract, the actual costs of labour are paid to the contractor, plus a certain percentage as a profit. Different contractual documents, subscriptions, specifications are not required at the time of signing the agreement.